PIAT-15 Tapioca Pearl Machine

PIAT-15 Tapioca Pearl Machine


  • Machine model: PIAT-15 Full-automatic pearl, flour and taro ball making machine.
  • Host size: length/depth/height, 26×42.5x72cm±5.
  • Power specifications: 220V, 220-240V/ 50/ 60Hz/ 1Ph.
  • Total wattage: 400W. Speed, 30Kg/H.


This unit is designed for commercial use. You can use this machine to produce tapioca pearls, or any similarly sized round shaped balls such as taro balls or sweet potato balls.

Easy operation, and user’s safety are our concerns when we produce every machine. Detailed illustrated production process is available for users’ fast learning and training.

Put the prepared dough into the hopper and start the machine. PIAT-15 will cut and shape the small balls automatically. The diameter of the ball is around 9.5mm. The productive capacity is about 30 kg of Tapioca pearl per hour.

With PIAT-15, you can make fresh tapioca pearls or taro balls to highlight your business of bubble tea or ice dessert. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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