YMSH15D Steam Water Boiler (Electronic)

YMSH15D Steam Water Boiler (Electronic)


  • Machine model: YMSH15D steam boiling water machine (electronic)
  • Dimensions: length/depth/height 30 x 49.5 x 64 cm
  • Power specifications: 220/240V / 50/60Hz / 1Ph
  • Total wattage: 3500W
  • Machine weight: 35kg
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Water outlet design: 4 groups of hot water + 4 groups of water outlet (4X4), a total of 16 water outlet settings, 1 group of cold water, and 1 group of steam design. Attachment: None


Super large boiler, high-pressure steam design, and made of high-grade stainless steel, stylish appearance, beautiful and durable. Fully automatic program control, easy to use, can make up for the lack of steam in the coffee machine, without waiting, will become your ideal assistant. The steam nozzle can make professional-grade Italian milk froth, cappuccino, latte, fresh tea, fruit tea and other beverages. Each cup of beverage can be heated in about ten seconds.



Using high-pressure steam can easily and quickly make professional milk froth and heat drinks.
The water output is fast and the steam is sufficient, which can cope with the usage of the business premises.
Cold water, hot water, steam, one machine with multiple functions.
Fully enclosed system, long standby time, saving energy.
Boiler pressure gauge, boiler pressure is clear at a glance.
Electronic water level detection design prevents empty burning and ensures safe use.
The steam pipe is continuously heated, and there is no need to wait for refilling.
The angle of the steam pipe can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is convenient for brewing and heating.

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