e.Blenders EJ-816 Multi-Purpose Tea Blender

e.Blenders EJ-816 Multi-Purpose Tea Blender


  • e-Blenders MULTI-PURPOSE TEA BLENDER   Multiple function: tea brewing, milk frothing , creamy topping, shaking, juice and smoothie making.
  • Machine Size: 19 x 21 x 41cm (With 1 Liter Jug)
  • Motor Base Size: 19 x 21 x 23cm
  • Voltage:  110V  60Hz,  230V  50Hz,  1 Phase
  • Power: 1200W
  • 6 – 7 Preset Programs for tea brewing, milk frothing, creamy topping, shaking , juicke & smoothie making
  • Jug capacity: 1 Liter
  • Various Jugs (optional):  Tea Brewing Jug, Shaking Jug, Milk Frothing/Creamy Topping Jug, Smoothie Jug
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan


e.Blenders EJ-816 Multi-Purpose Tea Blender (Tea Brewing / Shaking / Milk Foam / Cream Topping / Smoothie / Variable Speed Blending), Made in Taiwan


This unit has a unique 8-segment program control. After choosing the function you want, you can easily make a special fancy tea/cold drink. No need to spend a lot of time learning and training your employees. No matter what you want to make – tea, shake, milk froth, creamy topping, smoothie or fresh juice, you can do it quickly and perfectly. It is the best choice to pursue efficient operation and save manpower. The “e. Blenders” jug is tested by SGS lab for compiance with USA FDA, Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare Notice No. 370, and Chinese GB related regulations. The raw materail of jug is Tritan™, which is the NSF listed plastic material. It is without bisphenol A (BPA) ), Bisphenol S (BPS), is currently one of the safest plastic material of food containers.

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