Instant Heating Tea Brewer

Instant Heating Tea Brewer


  • Machine Size: 26×42.5x72cm
  • Voltage: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1 Phase
  • Power:  5800W
  • Cold Water Tank: 2.5 Liter
  • 6 brewing program seeting allowable
  • Hot water volume: unlimited water output (at 98℃: 1000c.c/min)


  • Six Groups of Brewing Mode 

    Six group of brewing modes can be set by user for different business use. One machine can make different type of tea easily.  Save your time to extract tea soup from different tea leaf.

  • Display the brewing times

    The cumulative number of brewing A is displayed, and the brewing amount can be grasped instantly

  • A lot of brewing

    Can brew 5000c.c at one time

  • Adjust water temperature and quantity at will

    The water temperature and volume can be changed arbitrarily without waiting for heatingor cooling down, convenient to control the quality of brewing

  • Multi-stage water outlet

    Multiple intervals can be set to discharge water

  • Instant heating mode

    The effluent water is heated instantly, no boiler, no need to store water for heat preservation, it can save 1000~2000 kWh of electricity bill every year, constant temperature,Always keep on water

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